Monday, September 14, 2009

Nothin 2 Big For Me To Boast...

For some Of you Still don't know me by now, I'm a BIG Otaku, Which is another word for an "Anime Fanatic." (*PROOF* My Album Cover Was Inspired By My Love Of Anime) Anyways I've Always Dreamed Of Working In a Anime Convention. Hopefully Net Year I May get That opportunity in my home town of ohio. the best thing about being a otaku is that you can socialze with SO Many other people like yourself.
In My Case, My best friend Dason.
We Knew each Other since high School and we got each other's back like a bounty hunter & a robot. (LOL)
And then there's my frind from Cali, Oniko
She's An Amazing Artist And One Of My Dearest Friends, She Can Be verey Humorous Sometimes Too....XD I'm Glad I have Some People that Understand Me For Me... (Sometimes Your Family Won't... Mine Really never did....)Oh Well...
In Any Case I'm Still Working On The R.A.V.E. Unfourtunatly I Have to Delay It Due To The Fact I'm Going back To School Soon. So Until I can get Some free Time I Will be posting some New Various beats. Available for Sale or use. just Remember, Email Me @ If You Like What You hear... Till then I'm Hitting the sack Man...Gotta catch some ZZZs...
The R.A.V.E. IS COMING....... R U READY?

Friday, September 4, 2009

The Good & Bad Of Song Leakage (From My Perspective....)

Hey I Just Wanted To Talk Abut Certain Situations that's Been Going On This Year,

First off, One of my many favorite artists , Lupe Fiasco, was victomized of internet theft for his new music for his new album. (This isn't the first time this happend, Look Up "Lupe Fiasco's Food & Liquor, Leaked Before Finished For Release".)
I Send My Support To Him Because I Know How It feels To Have Something taken from you Without Putting the finishing touches on something you put your heart and dedication to, So I Can Understand Why He's Furious Over The leak, It's Stuff like that is the reason why some Artists(Like Lupe) Are resorting to retire after only putting out only two or three albums.
Now before You Say anything, I Do Agree That Some Artists Intentionally releasing it free for promotion wise Sometimes works for certain people. For example, Prince Did It during his Battle with Warner Bros. Over his music, he decided to release his music independently Online, And if i'm correct, Charles Hamilton, Is Also Releasing his debut Album Major Online for free. So It Depends On their creativity that Whether or not They Want To Release their Music intentionally free but doing without their permission is in my opinion a little wrong. Shout Out To Lupe & Charles By The Way. (Oh And i will be BUYING Their Physical Albums in Support.) You Can Read About Lupe's Disappointment of The Leak &@ this Page:

The Rave is Still Coming B.T.W! I Just Have to Do A few Other side Projects. till Then Read My twitter or check back here 4 more updates.