Sunday, July 18, 2010

Hey Guys! (Utter Dissapointment!)

Heyo! First of all I want to send my deepest apologies for those that were expecting to see me at this years' GaraSuNoShiCon a.k.a "Glass City Con" at Owens Community College! I'm very sorry i couldn't make it this year! but rest assured i will try my hardest to make it next year! besides, i have to be @ two other Conventions next year as well! (Ohayocon in Columbus, Ohio on Jan, 28-30, and Animarathon in BGSU Which is confirmed to be on March 26th ! ^^) If anything i know Animarathon 9 will definitely be a stop for me! Also from what i know there may be a chance at Ohayocon that i will *GASP!!!* Be in Cosplay!!! XD i really hope i can pull it off! but i need a final decision from some of my friends...i am down to two decisions on which character i may cosplay, but i want you guys to make the vote! so check out both characters i chose, then hit me back on either here or my facebook (links are on the top of page!!) and let me know which character i should try to cosplay for ohayocon!! hopefully i will have everything ready by November or during the fall. So Please help me out!! till then I will TTYL!!!

Choice 1: Gene Starwind of "Outlaw Star"

Choice 2: Seiji Sawamura w/Midori of "Midori No Hibi"

Remember, Hit me up on either Facebook or Twitter (@HoodlumRebel) and let me know which one you guys think i should cosplay! *See Ya!*
*Jurai Or Die*