Friday, December 10, 2010

Exploited Bedevilment Of Frivolous Fritillary (A Hidden Document From Emily Plath) By Alice Sin Phillistine

A victim of verbal abuse

sets childhood nightmares loose

words cut into fleshy hearts

wishing upon a star for a new start

the death of society's puppet

sympathy is for the desperate

rest in pieces to the ambience of hope

that swings from a golden rope

countless endeavors ending in paper cuts

left in silence as if my mouth has been sewn shut

which explains the attraction to women with devilous grins

that blame me for there sins

a photo is still the same regardless of the frame

exposing the secrets behind my fame

living proof of frivolity

trapped in my idealistic world that contains a meadow of fritillary


the things that you are not allowed to forget

rip the wings off a defenseless butterfly

dispite of it's uncomprehendable cries

so Am I beautiful

or dreadful?

round and round

my perfect world is spiraling down

into a whirlpool

which is attached to love sonnets that are labeled cruel

"The Diary Of Yue Ayase II: the Initiative"

Coming Soon.

Executive Produced By Me & Brendan Reed.

Look for it By the End of the Month.

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~Jurai Or Die~

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Last #ravedayz for now... but will be back soon..

Here is my last download for #ravedayz, after that, it will be on a little hiatus so i can work on my finals and finish my other projects as well. download link above. "Yue II" is almost done. Just waiting for a few things as well as time. till then enjoy the beats i've done so far.

also PLEASE SEND ME FINISHED WORK IF YOU DECIDE TO USE ANY OF MY BEATS!!! I Know i'm being annoying with this, but the paitience is wearing within me. and i'm not asking for money at least. that's all. i just want something to help with both of us. and after all the requests, i would like a little something in return. just that. Anyways this may be my last post for the winter/fall, as i will be getting things prepared for next term after finals hopefully and also getting ready for Ohayocon (Kelly, Hope to see you there as well! ^^) I may make small posts still on facebook and such, but if you wanna directly hit me up, send me an email. Till then i'm outie.

~Jurai Or Die~

Friday, December 3, 2010

Technocolor & Other News...

Download "Technocolor" Here:

What more can i say but here is the Complete album, WITH ABSOLUTELY NO SAMPLING. Royalty Free. After this tape, i'm heading back to my old style so take it as it is, and remember to send me any finished work to my email if you decide to use any of the beats from here or my other tapes. also don't forget to stay tuned on my other three projects i'm working on, "Yue 2: The Inititive", "CinematiC II" & " R.A.V.E.R.S: TheSoundtrack2OurLives".. i got a couple of ideas for the design of the cover for R.A.V.E.R.S... But i may lay low and ask Chis if he is interested in doing one design for
Also #RAVEDAYZ Has been awesome so far, thanx for those who have been listening in, and for those who are relctuant to listen to my work, i have a couple of previews of my music on my Youtube page (name: RHDaDon) So you'll be able to hear some of my stuff. also i have RE-UPPED ALL of My Previeous Beat tapes, so if there is a certain tape you didn't get the first time, send me a msg and i'll send you the link to it.

list my future projects:
1. CinematiC II
(More music sampling legendary movie themes...)
2. The Diary Of Yue Ayase II: The Enlistment (Co-Executive Produced By Branden Reed)
(The Sequel to my hit story for my alter-child ego (see above pic on blog border), inspired by Evanescence, Avril Lavigne & Myself....)
(Let me explain this one.. I would Love For People Who have used my beats to send me their recordings of the finished product, i will then comprise a "Soundtrack" for us to distribute.. so far i only have one song set for the album. so PLEASE SEND ME YOUR Finished product!!!(email 2


~Jurai Or Die~