Thursday, May 5, 2011

Real Music For the Summer...

 Since i gave Melvin his props personally this week, i'd figured i give some props to my other  fellow musicians and friends who i've had the pleasure of knowing there musical talents today. for those on here, take it for what it's worth,cause you have a gift, and know that i will be keeping a close eye on you all fam.
First off is of course my friends The League. they released their Newest mixtape, "YouTube Collection: Kill'em Off " this project BY FAR is the most creative one they have since released. you cannot deny these Guys' hustle. I'm still in the works of collaborating with them hopefully soon on my album and a small project (TOKYO EXPERIENCE!!!) check out their Facebook ( and download their newest project.

 Next up is a new cat i been listening to by the name of  EdwardFrost. this dude has some real good material in his first project, "The Wonder years". dude has alot to say in this project, and shows alot of creativity. some of my fav tracks of course is "Where Am I?" and "Memories". his work has a very very deep theme underlined within the lyrics. if you don't believe me, take a listen yourself.

and finally, my boy Storm Watkins has done it again by releasing his latest projects in a sense of his latest campaign called  "The Last Of Storm" Day. (and for those wondering, i did the cover designs for "Re-Hab" and "Status Updates") if you get a chance, and soon, download these and his previous work soon at his official blog: 

And by the way, Much love to Nueli and Dr.Harrington For adding me to the New "StarCHaser's Radio" Blog. Check my links and my Bio as well as some of my work on the blog as well as my fellow artist, JFoldum. 
Check It Out at

Much Love and Check all of them out.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Melvin Burch Presents : Limbo By "Klaus Gohan"

all im goning to say is download this. 
listen to it, 
and respect this man's therapy.

1.) SittingUnderStanding
2.) Finally
3.) The Craziest
4.) -_-
5.) The Purple Lavalamp Lives
6.) C.I.P.A.
7.) Decisions
8.) ^~!~^
9.) Just Babble (.FOH)
10.) Truth Kills
11.) Bouncers
12.) 4AM In Japan
13.) "?"
14.) Here In My Room

Go to soon for more information. 
That is ALL.