Thursday, January 28, 2010

Charles Hamilton.... My Re-Introduction...

Today I Figured I talk about another one of my many musical inspirations. (In Fact, He is the real I figured I start my own blog...Lol)
A lot of you have already known about hip hop artist/producer Charles Hamilton, from his famous freestyle battle with Game & Kanye, To His "November 10th" Video, (Which I Thought Would've Been a better single than "Brooklyn Girls", But I Digress from my point...) he released a smorgasbord of mixtapes some loved and hated (In My Opinion More Sonic The Hamilton & Outside Looking, and less Well Isn't This Awkward? & Then He Played Dilla...) He formed (and severed) Alliances with some of the biggest artists in the industry, dropped some hot freestyles on DJ Green Lantern’s radio show, got featured in mags like XXL, and in my opinion, dropped one of the Hardest Digital Albums of his career, The Pink Lavalamp. (I still have it in my iPod playing as we speak...)

And then, things go downward from there.
First, He Had a little confrontational publicity with a freestyle battle with a fan, the B.S. with his ex-girlfriend , and the back breaker of it all was the situation of the Great Late J Dilla'... and then like that, Charles vanished without a trace. I’d thought he would at least fight against the negativity. I had believed in him, because his music is pure, despite the negative bullshit people put out about him (i.e. the Rhymefest beef..), and yet I still wanted him to become the victor, but then he deleted his blog, rumors had spread that he was dropped from his Major label deal @ Interscope, and his supposed debut major album, "This Perfect Life", never saw the light of day...Until now.

After his birthday November 10th (Yes, that's why he did the song...) he released a trailer amongst the web with Charles & legendary tag artist Revok1 creating a piece dedicated to Charles return. also he released a song that claims in the title that indeed "Charles Hamilton Is Back" . now from what i know now, he released his returning project, "Normalcy” , and it looks like he hasn't lost his step. I am happy with great pride that he has returned, for music needs this...

Welcome Back Charles..
Normalcy out now...

Click this link to go to download...
(& The R.A.V.E.Coming soon!!)

R.H. * Jurai or Die*

P.S. Here's The Trailer video put out by Keegan Gibbs:

REVOK x CHARLES HAMILTON x KEEGAN GIBBS from Keegan Gibbs . com on Vimeo.

Monday, January 25, 2010

New Post for New Year..Haven't Posted in a while...

Just caught a Glimpse of Kid Cudi's new vid For "Pursuit Of Happiness"
Nice Cameo By Drake Btw. Don't Sleep On It..
More News Comin Soon!

FYI: Check Out Drake's Camp Blog @


*Jurai Or Die*
~ R.H.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Update from my new source!

Just got my iPod touch. So coming soon...
There Will be an app for this blog... Stay tuned!