Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Little Tired But.......

Hey Guys I'm a little tired from yesterday's adventure in Animarathon from Bowling Green State University, but I'm Glad it was worth the trip. it seems though they ended up Moving the Convention to the student Union of the Campus, but either way it was great that we stayed longer this year than usual.
Anyway here's some Photos above from my day at the event!
Till then TTYL!

*Jurai Or Die*

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Back on my art Ish.....

I've gotten back on my art sketching and such, sorry i haven't been posting in awhile, i'm back in college so i'm gonna be busy year around. hopefully on March 27th (next Saturday) i will try to make it to Animarathon in BGSU, and hopefully i will have pictures for the event. (for more info about Animarathon click here.) I'll keep you posted either here, twitter or facebook. but for now here's my first new sketch for my miniseries....

Till then, see you hopefully After the 27th!
*Jurai Or Die*