Thursday, April 29, 2010

For Your Consideration......

as i look back in to my years growing up, changing who i am as well as what i believe, sometimes i feel that my expereinces in life change for the good, and sometimes my true nature on ideas and thoughts exposed change for the better. as i celebrate my 26th birthday i think about certain things in my past that i feel need to be remembered.. my first crush, my first time listening to music, my first time going to a concert, the first time i went to a party, and other memories such as my acceptance to Work at Walt Disney World, the first time i did a recording with my friends, the first moment i started to understand what Hip-Hop meant anything to me or even the first time i had a really bad day..(we've all had the times many of my family members that have passed then and now..(R.I.P. Quentin Brown, Angelique Koonce, Thelma Koonce,and my older brother...) as i finish putting my debut songs together, i think about the point of why i wanted to persue music, and it wasn't about expressing my thoughts... it was also my feelings, my emotions,and my experiences ...
one way or another, i will put out my music, i will release this album. and i promise you i will not stop , but continue to grow and mature to the point that my opinions, emotions, and my life will be presented to you in real time or real space...
i give you these words as my birthday present to you... And ask that you all think hard about what you want to remember, and what you want others to remember as well..

till then i'm
*Jurai Or Die after 25*

P.S.: Congratulations to B.o.B for his debut album!!!
get it if you don't Got it!!!
B.o.B Presents: The Adventures Of Bobby Ray - Everywhere NowShwightttt!!!!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

I Know it's Been Awhile

"You decided to be a musician. This is your job. It's fun, and it's cool, but this is your job. Treat it like it's your work — your part in society — and live up to that. So every time it's been a week out of your life and you didn't work on yourself musically, that's like disrespecting everybody in the world. That may sound kind of extreme, but I really mean that." - Esperanza Spalding

-and on that note, I just want to let you guys know why I haven't been able to post here in awhile is due to my last minute exams and projects in college, so don't expect anything new here for awhile. But I will take the time at least to update on my twitter and facebook, so check those for now until the end of my spring term (which should be sometime in may..)
also in some good news, i'm almost done with the Track "side2side" which will be my very first recorded track and single, and hopefully i will be releasing it EVERYWHERE. It's Seriously is coming. You have know idea how long it has been for me to try to do this on my own. Shout out to my boy Skripture for the support.
( check him on your TV everywhere btw. 
big shoutr out to Charles Hamilton for the Inspiration though. Oh yeah, if you haven't found out, if Charles is Sonic the Hedgehog, consider me R.H. The MEGA MAN...... stay tuned..... the R.A.V.E. is upon us...

"R.H. The Nightmare/The MegaMan"