Monday, May 31, 2010

Let's see.. a little update for you all...

Well, first off thanks to everybody that's been keeping up to date with me in all my sites (here, facebook, twitter, etc...) i really appreciate the love. and second of all i'm currently working on a couple of beats for my good friends in music, first off is my boy, Mike Foy, better known as skripture..( I met him A few years back when we both worked for Walt Disney World. (Long story..) but now he resides in L.A. and has become an accomplished actor now, but he still wants to pursue in being major with his music and i'm thrilled that he is asking me to collab for his next stay tuned for that.. also my partners in rhyme Clusoe & Jason, (f.k..a. "Young Lynk) are working together again but hopefully we will be putting out new material once things get
and finally, I'm still doing some modifications for my upcoming single, "side2side"! i have to make some minor changes so once that's done, i'll try to see when i can start recording, but trust me, when you hear this record, i guarantee you guys you will finally put a voice to my and then i will be able to put in motion the preparations for my "RAVERS"(Think ala Lupe Fiasco's LASERS, and Charles Hamilton's out there..and the album will be on the way... till then if you haven't downloaded my "ruff Cuts" yet, i suggest you do now before it's too late..and don't worry, there will be a "Ruff Cuts Vol 2" coming
also I will be also heading to Sandusky for this year's Colassalcon 2010 in Kalahari water park and Rec center This Friday! now that i have a new camera, i will Definitely try to upload new photos for the event here! otherwise check my facebook..
till then i will try to hit you guys up ASAP!

The R.A.V.E. is still coming... R U Ready?


Monday, May 10, 2010

My Gift To You....

Im sooo happy im finished with my semester for the spring, so for the moment im hitting back on the beats again, and i am pround to announce i have produced a single for a beautiful new talent named Natasha Breezy Malone. (Here's her page if you wanna check out her music: She's A very talented artist, and i hope the records a HIT! We got one for the record books Ma! The Nightmare & The Street Princess! 
    and as my gift to you all, i also uploaded a instrumental mixtape called "The Ruff Cuts" it features some beats i have made available for use for you and yours. You're Welcome.
Click on the link below to download, and be sure to thank me on either here, my facebook, or my other sites. till then expect more to come During the continuing summertime.

R.H. Presents: The Ruff Cuts Instrumental Mixtape