Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Letter and a Announcement..

To The faculty of Charles Hamilton University,
My name is Raijphinai Harris but I go also by the name of Yoku Masaki on the planet earth, I am 26 years old from Toledo, Ohio, and a current student of The University of Toledo studying Music History My favorite song of course of the Hamiltonization library is " ROckstar Girl" From the "Outside Looking" Mixtape. my hope if to be accepted in the CHU is to expand my learning understanding of love, peace, life, and intelligence by either communication in music or through poetry. i would like to know how i can better myself as well as better others within my music. Prof. Xavier's history has piqued me to become a better machine as well as a better Musician from the present. hopefully the studies will make my musically philosophy become more enlarged within the axis of my cranium as well as enhanced the social Understanding of my future destiny. like Plato i want to have the first fruits of my youth to be infused with hard work and love of study.i may not have the money nor the transportation of a qualified student, but i do have the quality to exceed my dedication unlike other students who just may want to better their talent for glamorization. i Am not in it for the money, but i have the interest to learn from others of bettering myself.I really shouldn't be writing this to you because if i am able to be accepted to your institute, i may not have the funds to be able to attend. either way i thought it was nice to seriously at least see if i have the intelligence of qualifications to be in your institute. if you have any questions, please contact me back on this email or my facebook page (USERNAME: RAIJPHINAI)
I look forward to hearing a response, whether good or bad.
and thank you for at least your time to hear me out.

sincerely from the Year 20XX
Yoku Masaki b.k.a Raijphinai Harris b.k.a. MegaMan (no relation to MegaRan)

I Figured i showed this to you since i already sent it to them.
if your wondering who, follow this page and then go to this page.
i REALLY Want this to happen. but i know money may be the only problem.
anyways, i'm still working on perfecting my album, "The R.A.V.E." it's lokking like a 13 track goodness for the moment, and some of the delay is coming from the fact that i am working on other projects, such as my friend Mike Foy's album and my Partner Clusoe follow up mixtape, plus i am executive producing my boy Jay-Son's Album (btw, Young Lynk was his former name...lol)till then i'm still waiting for people to let me know who i should cosplay as for ohayacon next year. so let me know here or facebook , so far two people have voted for Gene Starwind (Pictured right)
while i still think i cosplay Seiji Sawamura (pictured left) so let me know .till then also check out my new poetic side on Tumblr. i have to finished the beats for my other project. yes it's that serious i never stopped working..

except when i'm on DDR...lol

*Jurai Or Die*