Friday, October 22, 2010

CinematiC.... A Beattape of Film Proportions...

Here is the last Beat Tape i'm putting out for the moment, "Cinematic" This One has samples from some Famous movie Scores, Download and let me know what you Think!


*Jurai Or Die*

Thursday, October 21, 2010


New Beattape! this one is more inspired by my love for electronica & J pop, it's a little lighter than "The Diary of Yue Ayase" but still nice beats... click on the pic to download and let me know what you think!

-Jurai or Die-

Monday, October 18, 2010

The Diary of Yue Ayase

Ok, first off let me explain this little project I worked On. First of all this is the first beat tape outside of my “Ruff Cuts” Tapes, which mean these beats are still available to use, But are Exclusively made. This tape was inspired a little of Charles Hamilton’s anticipated/unreleased project, “The Diary of Alison Foster” with a little changes of my own to make it different from Charles’ Project. Here’s the story… 

When R.H./Yoku/Raijphinai fell asleep with the period of Oct 31, 2009, he had awoken in another world, where dark magic had been acquired, and was taught within the period, but within this reality, he was awaken in his true form, that of a young 15 yr old schoolgirl from Japan named Yue Ayase, Who is studying the art using music as magic within the darkness, “she” must find away to learn about this mysterious world, called ”Enternia” and find her niche to break the shackles of darkness, but in the process “she/he” realizes his/her emotions are stripped from Yue’s existence. Determined to find them, she finds out in realization that she is the biological daughter of himself/herself, or Yoku/Raijphinai. But During her Journey, she receives a transmission from an alternate dimension from another girl named, “Alison Foster” who tells her she is the only hope to save the existence of reality, will Yue succeed? Or will her emotions will eternally be Lost? ...

Some of these tracks samples Evanescence, Avril Lavingne (yes, you heard me correctly, some of her stuff isn’t bad….), and some of my own complete work. I Hope You enjoy this as much as I enjoyed working on it, which actually was only for at least two nights to complete this tape surprisingly. Consider this a Halloween gift from me to you, or should I say from me to “Yue”… Take it how you want it.. Shouts to Storm Watkins & Melvin “The Transmitter” Burch, They helped me get my production game back up to speed. Check out their beat tapes out as well, best thing out there since me, I would co-Sign them, but you know how it is. Shouts to Clusoe a.k.a. DJ Smithsonian, who said I should definitely drop this tape. And finally to my inspiration Mr. Charles “Alison Foster” Hamilton… I Hope you at least hear this…
Download below....two different links.....

Version 1: Mediafire

Version 2: Megaupload
Next project: Project Jurai EP a couple More tapes and finally…..”The R.A.V.E.” …...
*Jurai or Die*
-R.H. -

Monday, October 11, 2010

No Swag Necessary: The Remix (Talent Search!)

I’m So Excited for what’s in store right now. It seems my friends on Facebook would like me to give them the opportunity to record on a remix of “No Swag Necessary”, a song I had originally intended just for me and my friend, Amanda Yohnke. But I think it would be awesome if we could pull it off, so in regards to the high demand from lot of people who are interested in recording a verse on the record, I feel I have to better explain what this record is all about.

In this day of age in music I feel that there is a lot of records that can be said of the term, “money over b**ches” and I feel that it is not recognized that some of these men don’t realize that without a real woman to help them, They wouldn’t be successful or in a mode of happiness, (in other words, think, “Down 4 U” by Ja Rule Without the dirty talk…)and I feel that is left out in music for the time being. That’s what “No Swag” is all about. I do not hate on certain rappers who consider having a lot of swag, but in truth you can’t say you have swag, and say you don’t need to tie down with a woman in the first place and yet need to show some respect toward women. Therefore, I have decided to do this record for the sole purpose of making a record both gender can be proud of listening and playing.

Now that everyone is up to speed of what the record is about, here is what I am aiming for in the remix (The Guidelines):

  1. 1. I will send anyone who is interested in recording their verse a loop of the verse part for the song, at least for a 16 bar length. It is up to you to request for me to send it in three formats, WAV, mp3, or in a tracked format (I am using FL Studio for this record Production.)
  2. 2. If there is more than one person who is contributing vocals on a verse, (i.e. a rap collective or a rap group.) you will have to double the loop and let me know so that I will be able to put in the chorus.
  3. 3. The CHORUS will be already be recorded by me and Miss Youhke, so you will not need to record it. All you will need to do is record your verses so that I may connect them for the remix, but feel free to tye in the chorus lyrics in your verses. ( I believe the BPM is 75)
  4. 4. Depending on how many people is down to contribute to this remix, I will either make multiple versions of the remix, or a MEGA remix, meaning one whole track.
  5. 5. And finally, Once you have record it, please send it to me so that I can link the track together and master it, the sooner I do that, the sooner I can send everyone a finished Finalized copy of the track or Tracks.
  6. 6. Also Women and or men artists are more than welcome to record a verse, whether you sing or rap, but it must be within the same subject of the song. Remember, we are writing a song dedicated to anyone’s “Significant other” in that as long as we got a good man or woman by our side, “NO SWAG IS NECESSARY”!
  7. Remember to send me your email so that I can send you not only the loop of the song, but also so I can send you the finished track to use as you see fit, whether for your album/mixtape or promo. Just know that it WILL BE ON MY ALBUM!!! So the track is originally mine.

Send me a message on my pages with your email if you are interested. (Mines is And I hope to hear from you..


Friday, October 1, 2010

Glass isn't half full....Yet.

New Details. First off, I unfortunately will NOT be able to cosplay @ Ohayacon due to money issues, but i still will be attending. also To keep people in tuned to my music, I am searching for anybody interested in recording on the Remix of My Debut Single, "Side2Side". if Your Interested, Please hit me up. I have two formats of the instrumental, A tracked version and a .wav format of the instrumental., so let me know which you want to use, i will master and combine everyone's verses once i get some involvement from people. also RUFF CUTS Vol 2 is here! Download from the link below and let me know what you think. also I'm Thinking of putting out a 3track EP entitled "Project Jurai" in Honor of My Favorite anime of ALL TIME. "Tenchi Muyo!" the First Song I Will Release is Entitled "Ryoko" (If You Don't know Who that is , Google or wiki it...X3) Cover to the song is located below. also If The Song does well, I may Add it to "The R.A.V.E." lol...
another thing is that i will start going over certain my collection of unused beats to comply for the "Honor Roll Elite" Compilation, so stay tuned to that. S/O to the current members:
Clusoe: You already know what it is, We are "Kindred Spiritz". (Duo Name? maybe. lol)
Jay-Son f.k.a. Young Lynk: Hope you put your album before you retire (lmfao)
Eli Cruz : can't wait to see what's in store for you man, I'll be closely watching you. also hint, hint, good name for your album: BOOK OF ELI.. awesome.
Natasha Malone a.k.a. Breezy : it's an honor to finally be working with you. i hope for the best for you and once i find that "pharrell sound" you'll be the first to know. lol .. Street Princess
Skripture: man. I'm so honored to have known you and see how much you have risen from your career. i can honestly say that i'm proud to see you doing big thing in acting, (you know once you get that lead big film role, you better holla at me for that soundtrack money!..lmfao)
and also Amanda Yohnke (did i spell it right? lol ): i'm so glad i knew someone else here on campus who had class with me who has the same aspirations in showing the world their talent! i will do all i can to help you tap into that hidden aura of awesomeness talent! (the next Vanessa Carlton is in the building! lol!.)
and of course the other soon to be members : Mizu Moonchild (oni-chan! XD), Natalie Rybaczewski, TreLlei, Zetsumei Kuragari & Melvin Hawthorne a.k.a. "Big Homie" (btw i want a copy of you mixtape incorporating HRE when you finish it!.)
if you still wanna join the movement, hit up the facebook page! (hint: look at the right panel on this blog !..)
and finally, i will be posting beats and music on my new soundcloud page!

Well that's all for today, i think i may change my twitter name.

Here's The"Ryoko" Single Cover! (and yes, i kinda went "Kanye" on "Project Jurai-EP" coming soon! as well as "THE R.A.V.E."!

& click on the cover Below for The download of Ruff Cuts Vol 2!

-R.H. the Nightmare *beep*