Thursday, February 17, 2011

Big Announcements.. But first..

Today's #RaveDayz is alittle different from my previous work because i did something entirely from inspiration. as many of you know, Timabland is one of my favorite producers who i am very inspired by, because of the fact he is able to Produce music that is equal with any demographic audience, whether you love Miley Cyrus (Ugh), or 50 Cent (Double Ugh). He is able not to change his sound, but make his music various enough to work with any genre artist possible, and that's EXACTLY what i want my future music to heard by. not one genre fan, But the ENTIRE MUSIC LOVER.
So In my own inspiration from him, i've decided to make use of my FL studio, and My iPod app of Timbo's "BEATERATOR" (Yes, the video game he made for the PSP as well) and use the combination to do a little experiment of my own in which the result is this beat called, "GRIMMMUSIK". I also decided it would be appropriate to release the beat the same time Timbaland has his "Timbaland Thursdays" whithin the week, which i have been respectfully observing weekly of course (Best record so far is "Take Your Clothes Off " in Which he reunites with Missy Elliott... goes hard but too and which i Would STRONGLY SUGGEST you go to his site to check out as well ( I just wished he hears this record and give me his feedback. oh well. in any case here is the beat itself, and download both his and my record as well.

Download "Grimmmusik"

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Also I have decided to Show you guys the preview of the back cover for my Debut Album, "The R.A.V.E." Take a look at my facebook when you get a chance.
and finally i have decide to Produce another record for "The R.A.V.E." Featuring The League (D-Prince & T.R.U.T.H.) and Genesys! Congrats! The Song Will Be called, "RadioActive" so look For more info From it Soon.
and Finally i may have an ACTUAL ROSTER For Hoodlum.Rebel.Music.Group.! I Won't Give many details, But you know who you are in Question.. and a big THANK YOU To My Friend, Hannah Ringle Who will Be in Charge of Promotions and networking For HRMG! So Stay Tuned!
*Jurai or Die*

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day...

First off I want to give a Happy Valentine's To My New Love of My Life.
To my Somy: I Love You.

Here is my newest short project: "The Awkward Boyfriend EP"
This Three Tracks were inspired by Charles' Two Projects, "Well This Is Awkward" and "Well isn't This Awkward". The Tracklist is as follows:
1.Bad Guy Gets Badder (Inspired By "Good Guy Goes Off")
2. Discipline (Inspired by "Repremanded [lost before]")
3. In Case The Relationship Gets Better (Inspired By "In Case I Only Get One [Vicodin]")
Please Download and support as well as "A Beautiful Nightmare"!

*Jurai Or Die*