Monday, March 28, 2011

I Have to talk about a current situation.

been going thru some things with my girl.
not gonna lie, not looking good for her.
i feel so mad that she won't listen, but at the same time, i don't wanna give her up cause i know what she's going thru. i just wished she knew that she's not alone.
she's upset at the fact she's unemployed, nobody loves her, she hates being by herself when she's at home and that everybody hate her for some reason.
1: don't blame yourself, Blame the economy. it's Hard of course to find a job, i'm having trouble myself and i can think of 5 to 20 people who are in the same situation. this economy is the reason why people like her and myself are not able to get a job.hell, my brother is having a hard time as well as her and myself.
2 & 4: NOBODY HATES HER. things that she does (like *stuff* she uses..) is maybe the real reasons she has problem socializing. i know what's like myself. in fact, it took me YEARS to finally realize what i do wrong. that's why i have friends now. i have similar conditions that she faces myself. and i was able to overcome them  on my own. had it not for that, i wouldn'tr have been able to be who i am today. i'm still learning as well. nobody's perfect.
3: It's not the end of the world being by yourself. i have to deal with it all the time. make yourself useful and productive if you have to. do a webchat. call a person on your cell. do more sketches. fill out an online job application. something. most of the time she's alone i try my HARDEST to try and either see her or call her. she just needs to realize that not everybody has the freetime as one may think.

and these are just some of the reasons why she feels the only way she can deal with being alone and such is by doing "stuff"( out of privacy i won't mention what it is, but you can take a wild guess..)
i just want her to know that there are people who care for her, and that she's not alone, the troubles she is going thru are what happens to EVERYBODY. 
and if she still feels that  no body cares for her, i will still tell her that At least I CARE.
if your reading this and you know her or at least know what i mean, please, show her that you care at least if you can. i'm not asking much, just show her that she has people who will care for her.and that she's not alone. if you want to help, let me know.

until i get this situations, unfortunately, i have to put a hiatus on ALL my requests and current projects until i get this taken care of. i want to fix this before i continue perusing my music and art. 
i'm sorry for this last minute change of things. but i feel that there are things i have to try to do in order to make this relationship solidify-able.

i hope all my freinds and fans understand this and as soon as things change and get better, i will return as soon as possible.

~Thank You~

Thursday, March 17, 2011

LASERS Slideshow!

 Earlier I took part in a submission to take part in a  Slideshow Video to send to Lupe in thanks for the final release of L.A.S.E.R.S., Check out all The Fans's Messages and Photos in the Video Below! Thanks To Jabbar Apollo Muhammad for putting this thing together! He sent it to Nikki Jean's Page so hopefully he will see it, and everyone is starting a twitter trend (#LASERSSLIDESHOW) to Get the word out about italso, my photo shows up Twice! I appear at 8:04 and at the end with the mural wall of photos! Thanks Guys for letting me be part of a movement! #LoveAlwaysShineRemember2Smile

~Jurai Or Die (But Love Always Shine....)~

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

ComPL3xX - the(Safe)Zone.2.

As you Guys know, i am working on a future project with my Boy "ComPL3xX" an MC Who has been grinding his music for a while, in  fact most his work is recognized on blogs such as 

and hopefully we will be working on our project, "Ghost Within The Machine" which will be coming out later this year.

Today For Those who have not heard of his previous work,  i figured now is a good time to present his newest project, "the(Safe)Zone.2." Featuring Production From T-Gambitt, Melvin Burch, And My Boy Storm Watkins. Very dope indeed. not to be slept on. according to him, "It's on some Well Isn't This Awkward shit...swear to God." download it and listen to it yourself.

also Stay tuned, as i will give you guys about future projects coming later, including working on "Yue 3" , "Utada Ultimatum 2", and "CinematiC 3: The Elfman Edition" 
Also Don't forget i will be Releasing Several Projects with certain people as well:
"Project 20XX" (Beat tape With Me & Eddie Lowery)
"The Tokyo Experience" (Exclusive Mixtape with The League & My Production)
and also i will be working on the final parts of The "NO SWAG NECESSARY" REMIX!
As for My Debut, "The R.A.V.E., I'm still in the beginning steps of getting that worked on, so it will come, soon. at least i know i'll have the single done sometime this year.
also i will be working on alittle something with my boy Space Academy! go to for more info soon!

(btw, that pic on my Top border is indeed my Girlfriend. ^^)

~Jurai Or Die~

Monday, March 7, 2011

my girlfriend needs your help.

Watch the vid. Listen to the servbot. BUY MY GIRLFRIEND's STUFF.#THATISALL.
 Check Out Her DeviantArt Page to see her work At
also like her official Facebook Page for her new Studio company i'm running with her called,
"Keaotay Studios" , which her first project will be her upcoming series, "The Jenco Project".
Til then We BOTH are accepting commisions as well as designs.
He me up for info and details.

*Jurai Or Die*