Tuesday, April 26, 2011

New Info coming in a few days!

a couple of announcements are coming soon, stay tuned but for now, here's the link to my new singles for "Yu3" and "Utada 2"

Monday, April 18, 2011


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People, Please do me a favor and cop my boy Space Academy's New Single, "Sean Connery (Feat. NLX)" on iTunes if you can! it also will be released in pysical copies and in other digital outlest in the further coming weeks. it's been a long road for my friend's journey to get this record ready and made, and hopefully when you cop it, you'll understand why it was worth the wait! so please buy it now. and stay tuned to hear this man bless my single, "PAINKILLER" soon !

click to see my review from itunes:


Sunday, April 3, 2011

GOOD Music From Good People!

Today I wanted to highlight music from my two good friends for this post.
First off, You all should be familiar with my boy fellow Producer Storm Watkins. i've been talking bout this guy for awhile from his project , E=MC2 to his co-sign from CH (http://chsadlymistaken.blogspot.com) . and it looks like he decided to do a new project.
this one is called, "the Great Exit. but before i get to my review of the record, why not let my boy Storm tell you the concept from making this album himself:
" There are 2 versions of this album. The 1st version I made was straight hardcore beats, sort of like "Antebellum". But as I finished it up, I felt like there were some emotions not touched on....so I re-did it.
Enjoy this and spread the word/link!!!!!!!!..."
here's the links for both versions:
Word is he is Doing A second "Great Exit" as well. but not only that, but he was inspired to do both Great Exit projects by my favorite literary artist ever: EDGAR ALLAN POE.
This project is personified in every way the Hype.
i have to try and use these beats.. but download and check it out yourself.

Also another artist i'm humbled to know is my boy Space Academy. as i may or may not have told you, he's working on his indie debut album, and i have the honor of having Him and one of his artists do a contribute to my album, (It's still coming by the way! "Painkiller"!) and he gave me a vid to show of his first ever live performance of his debut single, "Sean Connery"! the single will feature fellow indie artist, NLX, and will be hitting the net and stores later this April!.(space doesn't want me to reveal the official release date for the single yet, But You can keep posted on it on his twitter, "@PrinceLouisXVI", and his tumblr,"www.spaceacademyofficial.com"!)
check out the vid below to her a full preview of the Single itself!

Keep it posted for both of these guys!! and tell them the "Nightmare sent ya!"
*Jurai Or Die*