Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The World According To Yoku Masaki

By Now i'm sure you all have probably heard the BIG announcement.
 as of the few coming weeks i have decided to scrap my other vocal projects (the RED Notebook being one of them, along with "Insanity/Identity"-EP, The YokuMasakiEP, etc) and mend them into ONE Big Project, which will double as my OFFICIAL Debut. Entitled "The World According To Yoku Masaki". This is BY FAR The Most dedicated project i have worked on to DATE. So far i have all the songs done writing, and all that is left is the recording process. (JFOLDUM, WORDS CANNOT EXPRESS HOW  I THANK YOU FOR THIS HOMIE.) i will of course be contributing to production, along with beats from my fellow friends (C-Wizz, Storm Watkins, In-Def, & Klaus Gohan a.k.a. Melvin Burch) also i will be using a production from the GREAT Charles Hamilton Himself. to show that i'm not flucking this (no typo), i will not have alot of collaborators on this project. but i can say that i am HONORED that i will have a feature from the GREAT DJ H2 "hero/halo" on this project! i am So Honored! (in case for those who don't know, H2 was Charles Hamilton's road DJ and is a DAMN good well rounded artist as well!) also there will be a feature from my new friend Rapper Shyce Mayne., who will be providing sponsorship for this and many more of my projects through his company, "Block Club Multimedia" (BLOCK CLUB IN THE BUILDING! MUCH LOVE SHYCE!) Check out his work on his blog @ http://shycemayne.wordpress.com (also check the artwork i did for him as well!) 

Here is The Tracklist as it stands:
1. A Boy's Dream (Intro)
2. My Story [Produced By ME]
3. On My Own (freestyle) [Produced By In-Def]
4. My Dreams [Produced By ME]
5. Plan B (Int-R-Lude Poem)[Produced By C-Wizz]
6. The Rush [Produced By ME]
7. Perfect Type (Featuring Shyce Mayne) [Produced By Melvin Burch]
8. Nitto Flow (Featuring H2) [Produced By ME]
9. Thankful [Produced By Storm Watkins]
10. Insanity [Produced By ME]
11. Beautiful Day [Produced By Charles Hamilton]
12. An Endless Journey Begins (Outro)

If everything goes well with this project it will depend on when i can start recording to announce a release date. i will post a poll on my facebook for those who want to know what single i should release for TWATYM, otherwise, this should give you guys a taste of what i had in mind for The R.A.V.E. (which is STILL coming btw!)
Thanks for everyone who showed me loved upon hearing this, and i am thinking about starting a contest where i may give away a special edition physical copy of this project, i'll keep that on the DL for now til the recording is done. also please get the word out to all blogs, including Whereischarleshamilton.com, startchaserradio.blogspot.com, dealwithnodeal.com, etc,etc, that would be much appreciated.
*Jurai Or Die*

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Yoku Masaki+ Miku Hatsune = #FastFutureSound

Okay, some explanation needs to be made for this project,
for those who don't know who Miku Hatsune is, Here is a link for an explanation:

now, some things about this project:
1.) THIS IS NOT A BEATTAPE. no instrumentals will be on this project, so don't bother asking.
2.) This is a Featured project. Which means only those who want to be involved will only be sent the beats for the project.
3.) if you are featured in this project, you are technically doing and collaboration with both me AND Miku, so if you intend to use your song outside of this project, please make sure you add the words, "Featuring Miku Hatsune".
4.) Depending on How many people are willing to contribute on this project, i will let you know when the project is released and how many tracks will be on the project. so it's up to you guys on when you can SEND ME THE FINISHED WORK.
5.) No Concept. other than the fact that's it's you & Miku on songs, there is no message within each record, just good music so feel free to write what you desire.

other than that, the sooner i get you people to get the records done, the quicker i can put this out.

UPDATE I HAve so Far these artists who will collaborating on this project:
T.R.U.T.H. & D-Prince From The League
& A.O. Lyrical

Anyone else who wants to join in on this project please send me a message on my PUBLIC Music Facebook(facebook.com/RHTHENIGHTMARE)
or send me a tweet (@HoodlumRebel)
hopefully this will be my next project after Sleepoverinthebassment.

also YU3 And Utada2 are DONE. Stay tuned.