Monday, July 25, 2011

NEWs (no Typo *in Game's Voice*)

As you may or may not know, i'm taking a hiatus from Facebook (seriously
this time) to try and handle some of my personal problems at home. but i
will try to keep at least updated thru my twitters and my HRMG
pages/blogs at least. so for the moment allow me to update everybody.

First I want to send a BIG thank you to my new friend Maurissa Shank,
creator and Founder of Kalaidescope creations INC. her Craft-work is
UNBELIEVABLE. if You are Steampunk Nostalgic fan like myself, you gotta
check out her products. check em out, make a purchase, and tell her Yoku
sent ya! i maybe doing big things with her soon! (Matsuricon Maybe?
*crosses fingers*) (Kaleidoscope Creations Link)

Also Check out my other friend Rayne Bradfeld's Chainwork while your at
it, she made her debut at Glass City Con, So if you were there, you
probably seen her. (as well as myself!) be sure to check out her page of
products as well! (Love Ya Rayne!)
(Rayne's Chains site)
And Finally, just got word from my Artist JFoldum, He's In the process
of sending me my mic again (last time he couldn't cause of wrong
postage!) so hopefully soon i will be able to record! Cross Your fingers
on that!
also i maybe working on a followup to "the World According To Yoku"
originally it was to be a EP produced entirely by Storm Watkins (If you
know who he is, Which i HOPE you Do) but it maybe become a FULL length
Album. I'll see how it goes with the but if it does, Just
remember this title:
(yes NAS and LIl' B inspired me For this title.. #Hateitorloveit)
but in any case I will at least update you all here when times comes.
till then back to the writing, back  to school registration, and back to
focusing on ME.


P.S. The R.A.V.E.Is STILL Coming...

Monday, July 18, 2011

The Venus Diaries

This project was made within the situation on Valentine's day of this Year, and was completed two months ago, the thing that was bugging me was wheither or not i should release this or even make use of the project. i have decided that i should not hold back my feelings of some people, and as a result of that i have decided to release it knowing now that i shouldn't conceal my heart. if you are mentioned in this project, then you made a difference, good or bad in my life, as many women have.
please listen with the utmost positivity in your heart.

Also go to My Soundcloud page:
*Jurai Or Die*