Thursday, September 8, 2011


Here it is, the complete compilation of #RAVEDAYZ THE:ALBUM All of these tracks were released seperately for the past few weeks. but i have added a couple few new beats on here as well.
and yes, your eyes are not fooled. i have added an instrumental track from my album, THE R.A.V.E. in this album. 
please download, comment, and give me feedback.

Thank you.
*Jurai Or Die*

Friday, September 2, 2011




On July 30th
A Big thing occurred to me on the Facebook.
i saw a note on the formally abandoned Facebook account of "Myu Zik"

a note was posted Titled "One Statement"

Here it is:

"If there's any statement I would like to make, I want to grossly apologize to my mother for my treatment of her for the last 7-9 years. And if we rewind a bit, I owe her about 12 years worth of apologies. I'm not worthy of the acclaim, so I'm not going for it anymore. If there's another song from me, it's not coming from the place it was once being projected from.

Maybe jail did teach me a lesson.

But I still have no right to treat my mother like she's a stranger. I kinda don't want to be on Facebook anymore after typing such, so if I'm slow to reply, you know why.

I also would like to apologize to my father for causing such a ruckus while visiting him, as well as a few other personal goings ons. I let smoke get the best of me. A rarity in my world (looks over shoulder), but indeed, I overdid it.

So here's the low down on the new music. Written is 2 albums, and the final L Word. "My Heart" is out of my hands (get it now?), and one of the albums has a really deep title...

F*ck it.


"What The Hell's Wrong With You?!"

"The L Word Four: She's A Subtitle"

...from The L Word Four, it's the contemplation of marriage and a regular life. I can still make music, and there's enough "smoke and mirrors" music out there (eg "Substance Abuse", "My Heart" etc) to keep you guys high and unhungry.

I am currently in my NEW wonderful pink polo, and I'm so fly I'm predicting weather (spur of the moment punchline). My fro is kinda here, kinda not, but my curls are in full force right now. I'm not willing to talk about my love life at all. J. Cole is not my son (inside joke), but I said he was on a song I wrote. Jab? Who knows.

I will not comment on any artist(s), because I'm not in a space to say anything about them. Therefore, wait until you hear the new music to hear what I really have to say.

I hate the color orange. If you've been to jail, you know why.

Soy burgers suck. Soy burgers with cold cheese.

More to say, but later....

~~Charles Hamilton~~"

i needed this. 
in other news, i'm recommissioning an MC for my collaboration project, "Ghost Within the Machine" (the original MC Dropped out of it due to emotional reasons. No hard feelings.)
so if your interested, get at me.
i just got word from TRUTH that the League will finally start working on T.E. , so hopefully that will get the ball rolling. so for the moment cop their new project, "This Life Of Love" here
also check out  "_ExistenCHILLism"The Debut instrumental Album From Melvin Burch
and look for our collaboration project,: "Tales of LAWNDALE" inspired by the MTV animated Series, "Daria".
also i am  releasing #ravedayz The Album soon,
also "Utada Ultimatum 2" WILL BE RELEASED on CHRISTMAS DAY. the first one was released the same day, and so this one.
and last but not least,
YU3 Will Be Coming out soon! Like My facebook page if you haven't done so yet. (
the more likes i can get, the quicker i can release it.

*Jurai Or Die*