Saturday, October 29, 2011

TWATYM Is Still Coming... singles 2 & 3 "MY Dreams" & "Nitto Flow"

Yo, was almost gonna forget posting them on here, but hell with it.
Here is the other singles for  "The World According To..."
The First Is "Nitto Flow" Featuring Mr. Halo the Artiste, a.k.a. DJ Halo/H2.
You May have known him for working with Charles Hamilton  in "StarCHaser Radio" and "Dope2Go", But I was given the Honor Of Recording a Track collab With Him.
(Again, Much Love to You On The Co-Sign Homie, Along With Melvin Burch)
Nitto Flow (Featuring Halo the Artiste) by R.H.The Nightmare
and Here is the second single, "My Dreams"
The Record will also be on The "Block Club" Compilation. (S/O to ShYce MaYne)
My Dreams by R.H.The Nightmare

From What it looks like, The Project will be released in 11.11.11, (odd right?) but it may change due to recording issues. otherwise, i am also confirmed to create, "THE UTADA ULTIMATUM 3". Shouts to Storm Watkins for the inspration, If you don't know about Meiko Kaji, GET TO KNOW.
Utada 2 Will be out later this month.
also after i release one more single, i will release for a limted time, "The Nightmare before christmas" EP with all 4 Singles and a Bonus Track for a Limited time. so be sure and stick around monday to get it.
Be Prepared.

*Jurai or Die*

Thursday, October 6, 2011


Well, it looks like i finally Have a Legit single.
"Infatuation" was written for my first girlfriend, but the first verse was changed after i met my new love (who for the moment will be anonymous, but know she's real, and loves me so) she is going thru things and her artistic abilities made me even a better man, hopefully we will go thru a situation where we will finally see each other.

this originally was not to be the single, but showing her how much i love her, i had to release it. shouts to thelonious and the tastemakers.

here it is.
and this is only the BEGINNING.

Download LINK:

Get Ready.

i will have a OFFICIAL Release date For "The World According to Yoku"
coming soon.

also look for my other single "My Dreams" to be featured in BLOCK MUSIC Compilation Courtesy Of Shyce Mayne.

For now ride with this and give me feedback.
 Also here is The DEBUT Single For My project With Melvin Burch inspired By the Classic Cartoon series "Daria", "Tales of Lawndale EP" Coming Soon.

Sick Sad World [Prod. by Yoku Masaki] by Violet Baudelaire


*Jurai Or Die*