Friday, January 6, 2012

2012... Year Of Yoku

Man, it's been awhile back on my blog hasn't it?
Well Time to get you followers up to speed.
As you may know or not, I am no longer going by the name of "R.H.The Nightmare"
it seems many people know me more for my other alias than that one, so from now on, i am just, "YOKU MASAKI"
i have also made a new Facebook And Twitter to follow me in
also I am at work on a few new projects for this year, but will not be maxing out on releases due to school and money complications.
1.) WTF? Why's That fresh? - A Beattape that was made last year that will be my last for 2011 and for awhile til i get the necessary inspiration. will be out later January.
2.) Ghost Within The Machine - A original Project for me and complexx, but he decided to drop out of it for necessary reasons, now it will be my first compilation album, with songs sampling the "Ghost in The Shell" movies and shows. coming later this year hopefully spring.
3.) #VampireLife - A concept 6 Track EP telling the story of a insomniac vampire Musician who falls in love with a schizophrenic poetry writing Gothic Lolita princess who then get married in a graveyard during the day of the rising dead. will featuring appearances from my lady and Shyce Mayne. hopefully will be released Valentine's Day.
4.) Masterball Jukebox 3 - the third of a Pokemon sampled project, except this will be a compilation EP. the first two were beattapes. coming soon this spring. (shouts to the League)
5.) and finally I will start working on the Sequel for "The World According to Yoku Masaki" it will be called,
"Yoku Masaki Vs. The World."
it will deal with me recording over other artists Records, like a concept remix album
other than that, i have to figure out my money situations, also "The R.A.V.E." and "Kindred Spiritz" are still going to be developed, just on the back burner now.
til then follow me there and all my links as well.
enjoy 2012 while you can.
*Jurai Or Die*