Saturday, September 1, 2012

tale of a hopeless romantic

Ever since I was in two former relationships, I’ve had this urge to heal a girls heart, but everytime it seems I do, it always looks like I’m being obsessive, and its not that I shouldn’t, its just its a force of habit. If there was one woman out there in the world who knew me and would understand my feelings and would give me that acceptance, maybe they would receive my full heart as the reward. Everytime I’m alittle over friendly to my single female friends online, they think I’m treating them like I’m forcing a relationship when in reality I’m not even trying to have one with them. Then after that I explain it to them, they stop talking to me forever. I’m slowly feeling once again that love will no longer be in my life and feel that I should just quit all together. My friends even think I’m being obessive when I’m not trying to be. Losing some female friends suck in my eyes. And don’t give me the “fuck these h*es ” speech, cause it will come to a point being heartless won’t work, nor is it in my nature. So yeah, hence why I know I am truly utterly alone.