Sunday, September 19, 2010

I feel i need to write this...

First of all i want to apologize to some of the people i offended in one of my Posts on Facebook about their opinion of Charles' music. it was way immature. second, i am writing this letter because i was looking at one person's letter on facebook of their criticism of Charles Hamilton's recent work.

First of all, i understand that some people are not feeling Charles' newer work and are a little dissapointed of the quality, but i feel as a producer that sometimes quality tells you a story, or helps get your way across, but sometimes not many people care about that, nor do they understand. but then again, i feel that it's not my right to try and change a person's opinion about his music if they don't like it. and the way i acted was sort of ironic of the fact that "well, maybe that's not we should pay attention to." i felt after i was mad at the comments made about his current body of work and the responses i got from it, i felt at the end of the day that i really don't deserve to called a "Starchaser" after all, no one is listening to my music, and it certainly could have be criticized by some of my peers.
Second, i feel that despite all this debate, what does Charles feel about this? do we really stop and think about what he feels about our hate on each other for either appreciating or disliking his new music? let's think about that. i mean after all, he could have just STOP PUTTING MUSIC OUT. AT ALL. He said it himself, he's doing this for US. For the people who showed him support. He said that it's up to us whether or not we like the music or not. and it's true., it is up to us. if you don't like it and still like Charles older stuff in general, that's OK, if you don't like him at all because of his new work, that's fine, what matters is the fact that he is still putting out music when he could have not put it out at all to begin with, And that we shouldn't really worry so much about some of you who feel more dissapointed when you could have been more negative and harsh about it.
the point is that we shouldn't be hating on each other, or mad at each other because of this. I know I may not speak officially for Charles, but i'm pretty sure this isn't what he would have wanted. let's not forget that it's his creativeness that the music industry ousted him in the first place. and that we all know the hardships he went through to get where he is today. Again i feel hurt as a fellow artist/producer that some people didn't fully understand somewhat the reason WHY the Music sounds the way it does, But on the other hand as a person, I Feel it is no excuse to criticize these people for being honest. after all what they said is true, "we may like him, but that doesn't mean we have to like ALL his work." I feel the same in some ways when i listen to an album from a rapper like Nas. (who is my favorite if you didn't know..) i liked his Album "I AM" but didn't like that Much "Nastradamus", and the same can be said to any artist. if you like me enjoy all of Charles' work and understand it, ok, but if you don't, you have every right to your true opinion. and i didn't realize that until i remembered that fact. In conclusion i think in general as fans of Charles we all should just enjoy ANY of Charles music, New or Old, and be happy that it's there, whether you agree or disagree. i hope we can all at least agree on that.

This is not coming from a "StarChaser", But Just From A Human Being.

-Raijphinai Harris a.k.a RH Signing Off

Friday, September 17, 2010

New Update via Video!

Ok i have to post this because i'm feeling A little ill today. so here is a new Vlog from me after a 5 year delay....

*Jurai Or Die*

Saturday, September 11, 2010

a great moment has happened to me because of the professor...

Prof. Charles Hamilton, Thank you for choosing my cover for your new mixtape, means a really lot to me.
his new Mixtape: Sonic the Hamilton 2:HD is up now for download!! I officially Did the cover for it BTW which now has the official Charles Hamilton "Stamp of approval"! Download it now and enjoy the double awesomeness..

click here to go to download...

it's official..
#R.A.V.E.R.S./StarChasers/HungerFighters Unite!
*-R.H. the vampire (Thanks once again To "The Professor...")

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Reunions and Updates....

Very excited to write today. had a busy week starting school again. reunited with my old homeboy Clusoe. talk about our music including The Undefinition 2, and Honor Roll Elite. got some big ideas for this year and 2011. can't wait. also listing to some heavy Charles Hamilton music for inspiration. trust me, i am deeply inspired by him. ( listen to him. trust you won't be dissapointed. (and to those who hate on Charles, as he said on "loser" I"M NICE!!! F*CK YOU IF YOU DISAGREE!!!!!*Charles Voice*) Glad i got that out of my system. in any case., I'm still working on some kinks for my album "The R.A.V.E." it will be coming soon. i just want to make this a perfect release. i want to try to release this with a small story behind the album. we will see how that goes. also may just release it digitally. feel like i will put too much work trying to get physical copies out there. let me know what you guys think. email me or hit my facebook. also am deciding to cosplay as Gene Starwind later in ohayocon. working on the money for it.
Anyways also am trying some new things now that i'm in a Electronic music class. you will be surprised what i have been coming up with. Reading Kanye West's blog while writing this. he's going in deep. as in the he's addressing the guilt he had about the Taylor swift situation. respect for that. (read it and see if you disagree. don't care if you disagree anyways.) will be posting also new art on my art site as well ( check it when you get a chance.
gotta go and zone out for finish writing "No Swag necessary".
Wait till you see what i got for this one..

-Ghetto Goth R.H.