Monday, January 31, 2011

Ohayocon 2011... ^^

Good Monday Morning r.a.v.e.r.s!
Ohayocon was an awesome experience, way bigger than my last two con visits, but i got to go to amazing rave, got some great pics of cosplayers, and finally got to meet the actress who's known for playing my musical alter ego/daughter! (i told her about the "Diary of Yue Ayase" Instrumental Albums i did, and SHE SAID SHE WANTS ME TO SEND HER A COPY OF THE ALBUMS! AGAIN, #EPICWIN^_______________^)
i also got some great swag on the way, including a couple of t-shirts, a cat tail for my matching ears, and i was able to find TWO rare dvds, (and yes they were "Tenchi Muyo!"

Here is Some of My Favorite Cosplayers At Ohayocon:

Me with Voice Acting legend Chris Sabat! (He Portrayed Many Characters From Dragonball Z!)
Me & Voice Actress Monica Rial! (My Favorite character she portrayed was Hyatt From Excel Saga!)
Me With The One And Only Voice Actress, Brina Palencia! (she Plays The Voice Of My Alter Ego/Daughter, YUE AYASE!)
Brina Decided To Sign My Yue KEYCHAIN! ^____^
(I can't wear her anymore, but it was worth It!)

also the dealer's room was awesome. am gonna post my vid of the three days at the con later this week once i finished editing it, but was a great experience nevertheless. hopefully next year i go, my brother will be accompanying me there this time...
and last but not least, i thought i'd share this
clip of my beautiful sky view of the hotel and city..:

in any case i hope to go again, and Will be back later the week to get back to work.
BTW.: "Yue Ayase 2" Will Be Released TOMORROW.
(Sorry Branden, I Can't Let them Wait any longer..)
~Jurai Or Die~

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Beautiful Nightmare - EP

I Am Proud To Announce My Debut Instrumental EP, "A Beautiful Nightmare" Is Now Available! Please If You Ever Loved My Music, Please Purchase!

Also In Celebration of my Debut Release, I am also proud to Release a new #RAVEDAYZ Beat:
Download both and show some support for your dudder.
Upcoming Projects are As Follows:
R.H. & The League: The Tokyo Experience (Coming Soon)
R.H. & ComPL3xX : Ghost Within The Machine (Coming This Year)
R.H. Presents: R.A.V.E.R.S.: TheSoundtrack2OurLives (Coming Soon, I Hope)
R.H. & Eddie Lowery JFoldum: "Project 20XX" (Coming Soon)
And Hopefully This Month: "The Diary Of Yue Ayase 2"

And I will return to new beattapes next year with these projects:
The Utada Ultimatum 2 (I'm Thinking of release it Christmas 2011 or Valentine's Day)
Cinematic 3 (Summer 2012)
And The Final "The Diary Of Yue Ayase 3: The Last Stand" Executive Produced By Brendan Reed ( And Conner Harrington (

For Now PLEASE BUY MY EP! It will also be available on and other digital retailers..

Til Then Ima finish working On My Main Project "The R.A.V.E." and Then I will see you at Ohayocon!

~Jurai Or Die~

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ghost Within The Machine...

UPDATE: I Am Proud to Announce that ONE: My boy ComPL3xX Will be collaborating on The new project,"Ghost Within The Machine"! The Album Will Be Produced By Me, With Samples From Both The "Ghost In The Shell" Movie And "Stand Alone Complex" Series.
Here's A clip of one of the beats on the Project:

The SECOND Announcement is That Recording Artists, "Space Academy" And "STYLEZDaKiDD" Will Be contributing to my Debut, "The R.A.V.E."! the Record is being Kept secret until released, but i will let you know when it is complete! Shouts to "Space.Age.Music.Group"!
Stay tuned as more on both announcements as more will be continued to develop!

~Jurai Or Die~

Sunday, January 2, 2011


So as this is My First New Blog Post For The New Year i might as well make some announcements..;
first off, as you may have noticed on my pic above (Shout out to Zone-Er Chillington And The whole MSU), I'm Changing the name of My Record Label To "HOODLUM.REBEL.MUSIC.GROUP." i've Seen many other Hoodlum Records out there and i want mine to be more distinct, cause the difference between Them And Mine's is That IT'S MORE ABOUT THE MUSIC THAN THE GAME. Of Course My Fellow members of the Honor Roll Elite May Have the Opportunity to be signed to the company, but for now, i'm the only signed artist other than my boy Clusoe/Smithsonian and Jay-Son Are running it with me. Also Check out the Elite's New Page. ( And download my New Project "The Utada Ultimatum."

Also, I'm Gonna Take a break from making Beat Projects after i put out, "Yue Ayase 2" Due to the fact that i want to hear what artists can REALLY DO WITH MY WORK. (Shout out To Storm Watkins on Everything) Unless i hear some real talent out there, ima also postpone on #Ravedayz as well. so there better be some real talent out there..
also i'm grinding down for two projects ima put out, one is a future project with THE LEAGUE , and A Project with My Talented R.A.V.E.R.S. called, "R.A.V.E.R.S.:TheSoundtrack2OurLives" it Will Be My production, over Some talented Fellow artists. so email me @ if you want a spot on the project. til then i'm Outie.

~Jurai Or Die~