Monday, April 30, 2012

Written in April 29th, 2012...

Yet another birthday post people. 
I've been going thru alot this year, heartbreak, lost of family, lots of inspiration, lots of revamping, and much. 
every year i always ask people to not only never forget me and what i have done, (no YOLO shit) but this year, i'm sure everyone will already live their lives.

to my friends in the music game:
thank you for being patient with me, in due time i will be back in my music faze. so bear with me. thanks for spreading the word of my name.

to my Close Friends,:
i am sorry i have been distant for the past few days, months, weeks, but know i'm continuing to be more stronger and more happier. if you ever showed me love and happiness, i appreciate it truly from the bottom of my heart. the old Yoku will return.

to the two women in my life who i had given my heart to:

Ryoko: i am glad we have each other's respect as friends, and i hope that you find the happiness that maybe i was not able to give you. and even though we are not together but continue to see each other, despite our past, i am glad you have been supportive of my future. that shows how much mature you are than what i had expected. thank you.

Sakuya: This is hard for me to write, because on one side, i am sad that we can not be together and the love apparently is gone, but on the other side, i am upset that you would betray our friendship. no matter how obsessive i seem to be, or annoying, you don't abandon people who have supported you no matter what when they are in a tough situation. that was childish of you to do, (yes, i have every right to say this.) even if i am not to be with you, we are supposed to have a solid friendship. and you are abusing it by completely giving me the cold shoulder. that is NOT the solution. as an adult, you are supposed to TALK about the problem, even if it's repeating. don't worry, i am not obsessing over you anymore, that ship has sailed, my heart is still in part for you, but i am not trapping you. (BTW, i know about you and David your new bf, good luck with that.) in my opinion, i didn't even get a happy birthday, and all i have done for you is not even right. you can act mature, but your not. and i guess leaving you alone is the only way you will see that. no matter how much intelligence you have. even your own friends know what you did to me was wrong, but all i can do is wish you the best of luck. don't worry, no blackmail shit or any of that other stuff. you wont be hearing from me. but know that you did hurt me now, and karma is always in my head. KNOW THIS. no more stalking, (even though i am NOT using a fake page for the record.) no more obsessiveness, no more overwhelming or entrapment as you want to make the excuse. know i have to let you go, until the opportunity comes around and shows you like my friends say, "that you lost the greatest thing in your life."

to everyone else, know this, i will be back to the original mode, and more music is on the way.
to those who wished me happy birthday, thank you. to those who either forgot,or intentionally didn't say anything, meh. no worries, you'll come around. they always do.

~Jurai Or Die~

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Letter To my Dreamgirl......

I'm a simple nerd. I don't have much to offer. I'm new to relationships.
I'm not rich in money, nor am I lavishing at times. Yes I have problems but i am Human. I can't promise you I will have a future with or without you, but I fight for you to make that happen. I can't make you happy, but I would like to be considered for me trying to make you happy. I don't know much about what to say and what not to say, I don't know what to do and not do when your upset and when you want to be alone.
I want you to feel happy, to feel compassionate,and even feel sexy at times, I want you to know that when your with me,you will be always on my mind, every day you wake up, every night you fall asleep. Know I will write songs about you, draw pictures of your beauty, write poems of our love, dream of you, serenade with you, make you feel like your the most important woman in the world to me, Even when you want time to yourself. Know that I want to enjoy every text we give each other, every phone call we have, late night calls we give each other, taking about random things, such as your family, friends, your hometown, your job, even about things that we have in common, like anime, video games, comic books, movies, anything. Know when your gone with friends, I will promise to always be jealous of any man because I want you to know that no man can make you feel the way I do. When you fight with me, I will always be wrong. When we cry, I will always feel compassionate, when your sad, know I will always want to talk to you to understand. I have done all the adventuring I have done, had my fun by myself, I am in the position I want to have fun with you in life. I choose you to make me motivated. To keep me happy, to make me strong. I am happy by myself and with friends, trust me, I love myself, but you can make me feel even more loved. I want that from you. We can go slow in just get to know each other, but I want the chance. I'm not asking for you to love me now, I'm asking for the opportunity to maybe in the future. If you give me the chance. I would like to get to know you, and make you happy, make you feel like the special girl you should always feel. We can just  go from there, i don't mind taking it slow as long as i am given a chance. If your reading this, I just want that chance. So if your interested in my offer, seriously tell me.
This is not an act of desperation, but a bold statement of confidence.
I hope to have that chance.

Thank you,
Raijphinai "Yoku Masaki" Harris

Monday, April 9, 2012

Recovery is almost over...

While its been another while for me to be online thru this blog, I'm in the process of finally feeling like myself again. Its crazy how one person can make me feel obsessive over them when I needed to realize that patience is what I need.
While me and sakuya seem more distant now because she feels maybe I'm not important or other reasons is up to her, but she knows I won't change in feelings for her, and even though its over between us, I still will keep her close as a friend. (For now anyway.) For now I have been keeping up to date with the music.
First off, I have release the first single for "Yoku vs. The world" my comeback album sequel to "the world according to Yoku." And I have to admit, its needed. This project will focus more on my writing skills so not much production will be done by me. (Shouts to DJ sonicfreak for the beat!) Here is the link:

 Enjoy. Spread the word. And get ready fall next year.
Also I will be reworking some projects I needed to finish including the heavy anticipated project with Melvin Burch. "Tales of lawndale" will now be in motion. Thank you melvin for being patient with me. And keeping me in check. I won't let you down fam.
Also I released the single to Utada Ultimatum 3. I have not confirmed a release date yet. So stay tuned til

Also I have started my kickstarter page.

You know what to do.
Spread the word. Donate. Help me out.

Remember to check my youtube. My twitter ( my new facebook ( and also follow me on instagram, soundcloud, and more. Til then stay tuned.
~Jurai Or Die~