Friday, November 27, 2009

KiD CuDI + Ryan Leslie = Sheer Music!

Hey guys,
I figured many of yall have seen this vid but i had to post because i'm a big fan of both guys:...
Ryan Leslie: What can I say about this dude that hasn't been said? He is truly an inspiration to me. His music is so clear and i've never seen anyone work so hard and enjoys what he loves to do.. I would SO love to meet and learn from this man in my future...
Kid Cudi : His music is EXACTLY what I'm learning to conduct without trying to bite him.. 
(plus dude is from my way in Ohio)
If You Haven't Picked up either Cudi's Album & Mixtapes or Leslie's albums, then u don't know what you're missing... but if you don't Believe me, Take a look at this clip of them  together @ Work... (BTW... I Hear Cudi's got a new album coming, lets hope this is one of the cuts for it...)

Till Then I'm Outie!
R.H. *Jurai Or Die*

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Ah My favorite anime of all time...

Ah, i feel today i should talk about my favorite anime of all time, called "Tenchi Muyo!" which was released back in 1997.. About a guy named Tenchi who ends up being a hero to a house of girls from space. The show inspired many other anime series as well such as "oh! My goddess", "Love Hina" and more. one thing that concerns me though is that there is some unsolved mysteries not explained in the entire series as well as the spin offs including "GXP" and the explaination of the universe.
I Think the best way to explain it is to write a novelization encyclopedia for the tenchi universe including the planet jurai & it's history as well as the chosen gods (Washu,Tokimi & Tsunami) existence. If you get a chance check out all the shows , specials, spinoffs and films in the universe of Tenchi Muyo!. Till then, signing off;
*Jurai Or Die*
P.S. Yes my signature is also a Tenchi reference!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

How Do I Love Yue? Let Me Count The Ways......

Today i figured i will give a review on one of my many favorite anime/manga cuties. today it's Yue Ayase from a series called, "Negima !: Magister Negi Magi" Here's a little info about her:

Birthdate: 11/16/1988

Bloodtype: AB

Likes: Reading,trying strange beverages

Dislikes: Studying

The reason why i find her interesting is the fact that she has a grim demeanor sometimes and the fact that she is in the process of being the only girl in Negi's (Main Character) class who is fascinated by the fantasy world. But in order to understand it, read the manga or watch the show whenever you get a chance. Till the i will probably be back to celebrate Yue's b-day! So till then I'll Talk to you later!
-*Yoku aka R.H.-Jurai Or Die*-

Monday, November 2, 2009

New Update

New banner, same blog! Hope you all had a great halloween!
FYI: my costume was "The Spirit" till then The Nightmare Signing off!

<*Jurai Or Die*>