Tuesday, November 30, 2010

#RAVEDAYZ #3 And News...

i know alot of people will recognize the title of this beat. it was originally supposed to be used for my Debut Album, "The R.A.V.E." But i felt necessary to see if anybody can do better ripping off this record, so it will be today's #RAVEDAYZ Beat. Download, and let me know if you decide to use it.

also, Technocolor will BE Released friday. So Be Prepared. i made you all wait long enough. lol..

dead tired from studying yesterday.

watched Addams Family Movie.

Christina Ricci is my Lady. #DeadAss.

Also It wouldn't hurt if anybody decides to use my beats to send me the finished products.

Wanna build up my resume.

Yokumasaki84@yahoo.com is the Email to send them to.

Gonna return listening to Evanescence (Branden Reed You Know What I'm Talking Bout..)
and Study for Electronic Music class.

~Jurai Or Die~

Monday, November 22, 2010

#RAVEDAYZ #2... "MY Personal Melody"...

New beat for #ravedayz this week.. originally i was gonna put up another, but i'm gonna let you all chill with this one for the week til after thanksgiving... Download and enjoy..
~Jurai Or Die~

Friday, November 19, 2010

from my friend Hellokelly..

(Performing 曲:Dear you -Cry- ☆彡)

Just wanted to post this because i met this girl at collassalcon and she's very talented, we might even work together in the future..

here's the photo i took of her when we first met...

thank you kelly. for being a great new friend.....

~Jurai or Die~

Monday, November 15, 2010

1st Day of #RAVEDAYZ...

"Liberation" From The Upcoming Instrumental Album, "Technocolor"

Download and enjoy.
~Jurai Or Die~

Friday, November 12, 2010


Sorry for the delay, but i hope my prof. takes my late homework..
either way alot of things has happened since i wasn't on later the two days due to my family, that's another issue..
in any case here is the Beat-P (Beattape EP) that i promised originally in Honor of Professor Hamilton, "Pink & Blue" whether your a fan of sonic or a fan of Prof. Hamilton, you come to appreciate these 5 tracks Chaos Emeralds.
And don't think i haven't heard that new Charles' record which is High Def OD BTW..
also i will be doing some "fine tuning" to "Technocolor" i wanna make sure everyone at least check out my other work before i put anymore new work after this. so you will appreciate my body of work..
Also i've been so busy for college exams as well as doin art requests i had to back track my stuff.. shoutout to Zone-er Chillington who kept me busy wit projects..lol
till then download my newest project above. and if you haven't listen to my other previous work, do it now.

and #HappybelatedbirthdayCharleshamilton.

~Jurai or Die~

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Storm Watkins Presents....E=MC2

a little support to one of the illest cats i've known on the beats, here is his comeback Instrumental Album, available for FREE. if You think my beats are Dope, You gotta give his stuff a listen^^..
Don't sleep on this record. real music from this dude, "Charles Hamilton Approved"..lol...

in any case check his Facebook as well as his sites:

click on pic above to go to download.
ChrisDotRivera on the Cover btw. i would do an alternate, but i can't front on that cover..
Check out also WhereisCharlesHamilton.com for more of Chris..

Till then ima hold off on "technocolor" due to the Dopeness of "E=MC2" so enjoy Storm's Newest Release, and i'll see ya'll on the flipside...

BTW.. "Pink & Blue:11/10: In Honor of Charles Hamilton" will still be released on Charles Birthday tomorrow so check my Facebook for more info...
~Jurai Or Die~

Monday, November 1, 2010

I Don't really Co-Sign but check it....

Today's post is a little different,
i feel I have to spread the word about these two OD dudes i really got to work with.

First off is Melvin Burch, a.k.a. Klaus Gohan a.k.a The Transmitter, another producer/MC like me and my mentor, (Charles Hamilton) Is releasing his new Project, "The Purple Lavalamp:DB" so far he released a song from the album entitled, "Fire Balls And Scattered Rings (The Lava Leak Zone)" that gives you a taste of what to expect from the album. his record goes in for real, and i love his sound. Hit the download below to hear it yourself, and check out his blog to experience his mind of thought as well as his other music. Also Check Melvin's page for updates on when "Purple Lavalamp:DB" is released...

Melvin Burch's Blog: http://ijustdream.blogspot.com
"Fire Balls And Scattered Rings (The Lava Leak Zone)" Feat. ComPL3xX

UPDATE: The Purple Lavalamp is Out!!! Download

Another person i gotta give props to is this cat named Storm Watkins, this dude is Fire for his Beat tapes, and it was his skills that inspired me to get back on my music ish, he's released so far a couple of beat tapes that are nice. (My personal Favorite is the last released, "Music Suicide Vol 2: The Funeral".. peep it and tell me it ain't nice..) i also heard he may be in the process of getting signed, i hope things go well for him, but before he goes major, i gotta get on one of his productions myself, hopefully for my next album, "R.A.V.E. II: THE DEATH OF A RAVER!"( YES, i will be putting this out after i put out "The R.A.V.E."..) go to his blog as well to hear his OD' beat tapes..

Storm Watkins' Blog: http://muzikalgenius.blogspot.com/

check they shit out, and tell them the Nightmare sent ya!
also, update, i maybe recording "no Swag" this wednesday, depending on my schedule, so i may release one more beat tape, "Technocolor", more on that next time....
see ya..

*Jurai Or Die*