Monday, December 10, 2012

Delta Nexus: My Evolution.

Im happy the turnout of My second Album, "Yoku Masaki Vs. The World" and that it is Getting so Much Response from Fans throughout this year, i want to Personally Thank everyone who was involved in it again you made my sophomore project That Much better than My Flaky Debut. (which i'll admit, could have been better.)

now comes my evolution.

as you may have noticed, i Dont stop Grinding. And working.


These things were on my mind While i was cotinuing to work on more and more music.
they have made me into a new person. a better person. a more clearer man.

a Delta NEXUS.

this is the focal point for my new album. to my art friends, if you can focus your work around theses things. and take it into consideration for art for the album.

here is one of the several covers for the album:

try to keep this in line for the artwork for the album. to the fans. BE PREPARED.
First single. TM77.

im back and im harder than ever Haters.

i will update more from there.


*Jurai Or Die*

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