Saturday, December 29, 2012

Why MY Music Maybe Rare at times...

Many of you who respect me as a producer always wondered why i never do a fully self-produced project of my own, you may have not told me or  asked me, but i feel some of you who loved my production would always wondered that in thought. as a fellow musician, i feel my production is not for everybody, and while some artists who have never used my worked have respected and support my work still, i still appreciate that thought as well. it's always a hit or miss when a producer works on beats for other artists who have a certain style you are not accustomed to. in some points many of you artists have never used my work, but you respect and support my craft, and i do respect that.
my music is not for everyone. nor is my beats. i wont lie. i feel only certain people who understand my mentality of my craft can use them. no disrespect for those who love my work and never used them, but i wont lie, some producers are tailored to specific type of artists. in this case, artists like MIKEFLY, Akil Hikari, And some of my own artists. sometimes i make beats for my own amusement, not to be used by others, no lie, but just for the sake of being able to.

i want my production to be a rare thing, i want my production to be known for being made for the artists that know me as an artist first and producer second, so when you hear my production from another artist, the reaction is, "WOW, i didnt know he Made beats!"
That is the reaction i want. why you ask? because there are artists today that are known for having best of both worlds and are either successful, or stuck in the same route. Charles Hamilton proved that you can do both, but there are more artists who have done that before him, Timbaland, Pharrell Williams, And whether you hate him or not, Swizz Beatz is trying.

Kid Cudi is a new example, He was only known for his lyrics and his artistic style, now he's expanding his talents, Acting, Directing, And Even Producing. it's people like him is why i strive to expand my talents to a rare form. cause every thinks they are good in what they can accomplish of it all, and some are good, (in this case, Cudi)

Another example is Ryan Leslie & prince. They have done it for the large and longevity that they have expanded their own empires, yet people didn't know of their  capabilities, people didn't know Ryan Leslie had talent other than producing til after Cassie came out. And prince, Well it wasn't til after Purple Rain was made people realized he had beyond his own music abilities.

those people drive me to do what i do. and yet, they are half of the motivation i need at times to accomplish what i do. i can write music, and i can produce, but there are times i dont want to keep pursuing Hip Hop. No lie, it was actually not my first choice. i wanted to start a rock band. it's still on my to do list. and im not talking anything close to my music now. im talking a whole 360 of my current music.

so i suggest you get used to my current hip hop music, cause once the band is formed, i will be done with hip hop entirely. promise you that. (yes, im talking ala Kid Rock method except my shit isn't redneck or country, just straight rock shit.)

my Music Is Limited, yet memorable, hence why i dont want to make a full self produced solo project. at least not yet.
but during my last days in hip hop, it maybe done, you never know.
just be grateful for what im doing now, whether you rock my work or not.

*Jurai Or Die*

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