Saturday, December 29, 2012


this is from my friend Jessica Pounds - 
"I don't mind awareness posts and articles about 

a lot of things. But I think sometimes things 

are blown out of proportion. Some women like to 

share how they've been "victimized", and there 

are many cases where it actually is true. I know 

some. I think sometimes though, it's taken too 

far and small things that aren't actually 

supposed to be grouped with actual victimization 

are grouped in anyway.

But, as someone that has problems with both 

genders sometimes, the people who want to expand 

the definitions into areas that really don't fit 

forget what it's like on the other side. I've 

seen and known just as many (or more) guys hurt 

or victimized by women, but because they're a 

guy, their opinion isn't heard or it's 

"irrelevant". "Guys don't talk about their 

feelings." Guys can be at fault in many things, 

but women have their own ways. I have seen 

several examples of female "I'm right, you're 

wrong" attitudes that continue regardless of 

what the man says.

If that attitude continues into the area of 

equality or rights, at this rate, eventually 

female rights will try to take over male rights. 

If you really want equality, both sides need to 

realize they are equally hurt. Sure, guys can be 

jerks. But so can women. What the guys do just 

gets more publicity. Why? You hear about every 

kind of abuse that men can do to women, but when 

a woman is emotionally or mentally abusing a 

man, the man just needs to suck it up, according 

to the women. How many times do you hear a woman 

tell another that she needs to shut up because 

her man is right? Not often. So many men have 

been hurt emotionally by careless or uncaring 

girls, but what's done for them? Nothing. What's 

done for the women? Anything that can be pulled 

out of people with the right spokespeople.

I'm sorry women, but yes, I understand a lot of 

you may have been hurt. But don't take things 

too far and overthink it. Generally men don't 

read into things as deeply as you do, so if they 

see an argument that you took into irrelevant 

areas, they should be upset. And, don't forget 

about the men out there who try to do everything 

and get heartbreak and emotional scars in 

return. I'm guilty of causing a few scars 

myself, and I'm not proud of it. I've been a 

victim of some things from both genders, and 

some left scars I didn't really even realize 

were there. However, I focus on letting go of 

those things, not making either gender into 

something horrible and blowing things out of 


(And please don't say that persistence on the 

guys' part is rape even when there's nothing 

physical or abusive about it. Some guys have to 

be persistent to even have a chance with a girl, 

but of course in movies, the guys are normally 

cute or sexy or whatever. Girls have known how 

annoying it can be when a guy isn't interested 

in them. They may think no one looks at them, 

when the ones who do, they won't even consider. 

So in order to even have a chance, if the guy is 

ABLE to muster enough confidence, he's probably 

going to need a lot of persistence to get 

anywhere at all, sometimes even to get just 


I may not be very girly most of the time, but 

I'm still female. I actually probably align more 

with guys' thinking, because I really don't 

understand girls. What I DO understand, though, 

is that equality doesn't just involve the good 

things. It also includes realizing that both 

genders have made mistakes, and that you can't 

blame the whole gender for some things, though 

it is VERY tempting, especially when many of one 

gender tend to do one thing. What about the 

women who are stubbornly right and won't accept 

the man's point of view? It happens in TV and 

movies and it happens in real life too. Who will 

you blame?

Women, I understand some of you are actual 

victims. But some noisy ones just take it too 

far, and so many times I've seen just as many 

guys hurt by women. If those guys aren't able to 

speak up, then I will speak up for them, because 

sometimes it takes a woman to say these things. 

Why? The same reason they're hurt. The women 

that hurt them wouldn't listen. (Sorry to the 

one friend who I saw the article in question 

from, but honestly, I think the article is 

overblown. I was actually more in agreeance with 

the comments I saw on the article page, because 

several people were thinking of both sides.)" 

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